Nendoroid Playset #10 Chinese Study B Set

The very first Chinese-style playset!

The "Playset" series of products features extension sets for your Nendoroids with dioramas and extra parts!

The next playset to join the series is the Chinese Study playset based on ancient Chinese decor!

The B Set features a guqin and Wei Qi (Go) board, two of China's traditional four arts.

Set includes a guqin and Go board

Bonsai and bamboo slips can be displayed on the shelf.

Both a winter and spring background card for the window are included.

Set Contents:


Bamboo Slips x2



Guqin and Stand

Wei Qi (Go) Board

Bamboo Screens x3

Set A and B can be combined for an even larger display!

*Please note that no Nendoroids are included in this set.